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Genshin Impact Characters

DATE : 2022-03-09 12:00:36

GENSHIN IMPACT, the most popular and continue to be in the future. Why ? Every character is 3D and fleshed out with personality in the game. From the adorable Paimon to the cold-hearted Diluc,you can easy find the most interesting role to play. Here are the 3 Genshin Impact outfit ideas that you will love.


One of the newest characters in Genshin Impact 2.4! She is an exorcist girl who was born human but raised by super natural gods. She has the quite the story and upbringing! Nevertheless, Shenhe is another Ice Waifu added to the game . Think of her outfit like a bodysuit, but fancier. Also, boy is worth for cosplaying.

2.RAIDEN SHOGUN( the Electro Archon God)

Raiden Shogun is not only popular in the game but also in cosplay world.There have been tons of Baal cosplayers and for good reason. Not only her outfit is super hot, but everyone likes her character design. I mean, who doesn’t want to dress up as the fierce Archon who pulls a sword out of her chest? So if you are looking for a fancy outfit and identifiable, i think Baal is the beat choice.

 Raiden Shogun Costume



If you are looking for some Genshin Impact costumes for you and your daughter.I think Klees cosplay will be best choice. Klee is a little girl who has a huge knack for explosives. She is probably the most adorable character in Genshin Impact. Her outfit is awesome but easy for cosplay. All you need is a red dress,hat, backpack and a pair of vintage shoes. It can for daily outfit or anime convention. Also,You must will attracts a lot of admiring glace when you wear it strolling the street.

Genshin Impact Klee Costume



        Rely to us which character do you like most? Who do you want to cosplay?  I will continue to share other character in next blog.