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The New Batman Adventure Batgirl Cosplay Costume

Item Code : 3429
Sale Price :$219.00
Price :$219.00

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Cosonsen is specialized in high quality cosplay costumes with perfect price which are made by sound materials, exquisit art and perfect workmanship.
Cosplay costume with good flexibility for The New Batman Adventure is coming!

Including:Mantle, Jumpsuit, Belt, Mask, Arm case

Material:Uniform cloth, Artificial leather, Enamel

Mantle: Black, made of uniform cloth, flowing and hard to go out of shape, purple inner side, lined up at the front by stripes.
Jumpsuit: Black, made of artificial leather, embellished with golden bat-shaped pattern at the front, as well as arm cases round the waist and left leg by belts, all golden.
Mask: Black mask made of artificial leather, exactly faithful to the original.

Have you ever dreamed those characters jump out of the screen to our real world?

Come and make your dream come true!

A. Bust

●This is not your bra size
●Please wear a bra
●Relax your arms
●Pull tape round the fullest part of your bust

B. Waist

●This is the smallest part of your waist
●Please find your natural waist
●Usually about 2.5 cm
  above belly button
●Keep tape slightly loose to breath naturally

C. Hip

●This is the widest part of your hips
●Usually about 18 cm below natural waist
●Pull tape across both hipbones

D. Height

●This is your standard height measurement
●Please take it in bare feet
●Pull tape straight down from the top of your
  head to the floor

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Men's Costume Size Chart
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